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Here we have a selection of musings, essays, letters and personal emails.  This is often not the sort of thing that fits into article format, and would not be at home in any of my books.  However, with the remote possibility that they might just amuse, I have taken the liberty of including them here. If you have found yourself on this page simply through utter boredom with whatever goes on in your life, you may soon be discovering just how under-rated utter boredom really is.  Remember at all costs, that this is your own time you are wasting.

I accept no responsibility for anything written in these pages.  By virtue of their being published they demonstrate they were written in the past by a Mark Hines who - in a multi-dimensional universe in which time and space co-exist - no longer exists.  He has moved on - literally and figuratively - and we ought to assume his thoughts have done likewise.  Since going to press I have risen up on the stepping stones of my dead self to become a better man.  This is precisely the sort of mindless drivel you will discover if you persevere with your silly notion of reading this nonsense.  Most of this, including this very paragraph, is hardly original.  Still, we can perhaps take that as a salute to those who inspire me.  In all other respects you have been warned.  If you have not already been offended and intellectually insulted by this, then I am sure you have it coming.

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