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Media Content
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I contribute content for all forms of media, from local to international.  Content can be personal accounts of journeys or views on expeditions.  I can contribute opinion and expert pieces, scientifically-based and researched articles, and inform on extreme environments planning, logistics and safety.  Prices vary and are available upon request.  Please do not request free content.

Mark Hines

I offer consultations on various themes within my areas of experience and qualifications.  These include race and event training and preparation, diet and nutrition, sports injury rehabilitation, publishing and event safety and organisation.  Prices vary depending upon time and commitment.  For brief queries I am happy to help in exchange for a donation via this site.

Speaking Engagements
Mark Hines

Thanks to years of living a particularly exciting life I am happy to offer speaking engagements, such as corporate events, after dinner speaking, and talks for various age groups at schools and youth organisations.  These are always well-received and can be focussed upon a theme, following request, whether motivational, educational, or for more general entertainment.

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