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Adventures in Arctic Finland

I had always wanted to compete in the Rovaniemi 300-km ultra race. The distance was not ambitious, but it was a notoriously tough course. This year I was new into a research position in Cambridge, so I couldn't ask for 5 weeks off for a return to the Iditarod. It was my year for Rovaniemi.

It was, therefore, quite dismal when the race was cancelled. Still, my flights and hotels were booked, I had bought kit and I had made arrangements. I went to Rovaniemi for an adventure of my own. The conditions were horrendously warm, which meant slow trail and wet feet for the most part, but I did my own thing and enjoyed myself as much as I could. I will put a chapter together on this in due course. In the meantime, you can find a few photos from the trip on my Instagram page.

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