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Courses and Guiding are BACK!!!

Last year I received a good amount of interest in my winter training courses. Alas, Covid19 had other plans for us, and travel restrictions and a lockdown put the kibosh on that otherwise brilliant plan. Now the lockdown has ended and I've been able to get to know the Cairngorms a little more intimately. To celebrate this fact, coupled with the cooler weather approaching (and the end of the wretched midge season), I will be offering training courses once again.

When I offered these last year, they were with the express intention of helping people to get their eyes in on winter / Arctic ultra races. However, I received a good number of requests from people who just wanted me to take them trekking, or to teach navigation during day hikes. Hence, this time, I am more open to allowing the groups to set the scope of the courses. Groups will be limited to no more than five people in each (although I am also available for 'private hire'), and I will work around 'the will of the people' in terms of content. Whatever the final agenda, we'll be out in the Cairngorms having a whale of a time*. More information can be found on my Stuff page.

*"A whale of a time" is a subjective experience, so I may have to assure you, from time to time, that you are indeed having a whale of a time.

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