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Getting Through It

It's been a tough start to the year for many of us. Unfortunately I have had to cancel my Arctic race training courses, due to Scotland remaining in lockdown through to late April, and no information yet on when the borders might reopen. Hence, not seeing much reason to run winter courses in the middle of summer, that plan has been shelved.

Rather unexcitingly, most of my days are being spent working on content for a business I'm putting together. Although I would much rather be planning journeys around Scotland, the reality of cashflow necessitates a medium-term focus on work and revenue generation. Once the business has been launched I'll return to focus on adventures-proper and book writing.

This currently seems far from the escapism I would rather be promoting. Let's look at some positives:

  1. I am in an incredibly beautiful part of the world, and I can see mountains every day, even though I might not be able to get into them

  2. Every day I do at least get out for walks or runs in this beautiful land, even if only in the neighbouring woodlands rather than further afield

  3. Whenever the weather looks promising for a good view in the morning, I hike up the nearest hill to camp for the night

  4. I have a picnic table where red squirrels and loads of birds come to eat, which feels pretty good

  5. If the business works out, I will be able to continue living here for a while, completing hikes and runs on the beautiful trails, paddle-boarding and pack-rafting the rivers and lochs, and on road-trips all around the country.

And now back to content writing, whilst listening to music inside and the rain pouring down outside. Ah, Scotland!

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