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The Trails are Calling

Lockdown is finally coming to an end here in Scotland, and the country is opening up once more, albeit only to Scotland at this stage. Apparently, as everybody south of the border is a diseased mess, there is no current indication of when the English or Welsh will permitted to enter this beautiful land.

One of my greatest challenges so far has been existing without work, and, although various projects are underway, none have yet reached fruition. As, however, when things do pick up I expect them to take off and require my unrelenting attention, now is the time for new adventures. With this in mind, I have heard the trails calling, and they have my near-undivided attention.

Owing to the need for financial sponsors, I cannot make too much too public at this stage. I can only divulge that I have my sights on three fairly ambitious endurance journeys. If I can secure sponsors, these three journeys will be accomplished during the summer and autumn of this year. If sponsors remain aloof, plans will be delayed as I continue this farcical charade of having to develop my business. What I really want to do is to hike and run some trails, SUP some rivers, canals and lochs, and spend the rest of my time taking pretty photographs and writing delightful books for you all the enjoy.

Soon again, I hope.

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