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Working with the Rovaniemi150 and 300-km races

I am very pleased to annouce that I am now working together with Àlex, the race director of the Rovaniemi150 Arctic ultra race. The Rovaniemi races have a reputation for being well-organised, extremely tough events. With unpredictable trail conditions from one year to the next, progress can be harder-going than in comparable Arctic events. They are therefore an excellent challenge, and should be on the radar of any ultra-racer. Due to covid restrictions, they will run a limited race in 2022, for the 300-km distance only.

My Arctic-ultra race training courses have been approved by Àlex as a qualifier for his event, so attendees on my course can apply to compete in the Rovaniemi ultra races. The 300-km race is open to 50 competitors, and all are required to have competed a qualifying race or course in advance. As someone who has great respect and admiration of the Rovaniemi races, and of Àlex's own reputation, I am extremely pleased we have made this happen. I continue to work with Àlex to ensure my courses match the needs of his competitors.

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