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I present lectures and seminars on adventures, endurance training and events, and all things exercise physiology and nutrition.  I also offer private consultations on event preparation.   I contribute to media content, including for magazines, newspapers, webpages, television and radio.


​Writing is a true passion of mine, and I have enjoyed producing books about my adventures and other topics of interest to me.  Through writing I have been able to earn a living from races, adventures and from my academic background.  I am always pleased to see positive reviews and requests for more, particularly as my writing style is very reflective of my personality, and certainly not for everyone.


I produce articles on adventures and experiences too short to deserve a whole book.  I hope these whet the appetite and fill what must be a dreadful void between publications. 

Arctic Ultras Training Course

​If you are interested in fast and light travel in the Arctic and sub-Arctic, come join me for my Arctic Ultras Training Course.  It is a mix of classroom and practical experiences, designed to help people improve their skills and competence, and gain a deeper understanding of what it is like to compete in races and expeditions in the sub-Arctic and Polar regions.

Find out more on the courses page

About Me

Like the best of us, I enjoy leading a life focussed on my passions, which include adventures, academia, writing, travel, science and spending time in The Great Outdoors.  I have always felt driven to learn about whatever I happen to find of interest.  The greatest value of my doctorate - at least equivalent to the intellectual challenge and steep learning curve - was learning not to be intimidated by the prospect of developing new skills I had no prior experience of.

My proudest achievement was reaching the dizzying heights of becoming a professional adventurer; supported by various brands to complete races and adventures around the world.  I have raced in rainforests, across deserts, over mountains, and in the sub-Arctic and Arctic.  I fell in love with the sub-Arctic and Arctic environments during my first visit to the Yukon in 2009.  My greatest personal achievement was to solo sled-haul the complete route of the 2016 Yukon Quest, from Alaska to the Yukon, exclusively along the route of the world's toughest sled dog race (~1000 miles).  My second favourite achievement was a stand-up paddleboard journey across Europe, from London to the Black Sea.  More recently it was the Iditarod trail race.

Overall, I have come to the conclusion that life is far too short to be preoccupied by what is not essential to life and happiness.  I love pushing myself physically and mentally, finding myself on the edge and pushing through to a satisfying, enriching conclusion.  I do it because it is what I am passionate about.  I love nature and the world's wild places, and I want to spend my time experiencing them as best as I can.  I am also passionate about education and self-development, hence completing my doctorate.

As a goal, mere satisfaction is not enough.  For me, I need to know I am doing everything I can to live life to the full.  Life is such a precious thing.  I believe we owe it to ourselves to be more imaginative and daring; to find ways of making our life truly our own, and shaping ourselves to be who we want to be.

You can read more about my various projects and adventures here:


The Books

Writing is a true passion of mine, and I have enjoyed producing books about my adventures and other topics of interest to me.  It also brings me great satisfaction to know my work has been much enjoyed by so many people.  The best way to support any artist is to buy their work, write positive reviews, and to recommend others buy their work too.  I am extremely grateful for all the support I have received from those who have done this, which has enabled me to live a life of adventure.  I hope that through my books I may continue to live that life for many years to come.  My ebooks are available from Amazon (links below) and Barnes and Noble.

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The content of this website is provided free of charge, and I hope it is of value to those reading it.  Anyone wishing to donate to help support me is welcome to do so here.  I am extremely grateful for any and all support received.

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