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New Beginnings

Covid, travel restrictions, lockdown and what follows...

This has been a frustrating year for most of us, I expect. I survived lockdown in the south without too many ill-effects, but certainly became fatter and bored for having my wings clipped. Returning to work at a college was not a healthy prospect, and, unhappy with just about every aspect of that work, I resigned. The work served its purpose, permitting me to accomplish a few things I could not have done otherwise, and I will certainly miss the students, but it was time to go. Being unhappy in work, frustrated at the necessary requirement to limit travel, and not feeling that I truly owned myself - not my physical or mental health, and not my freedom - the time had come for a new beginning.

Work had enabled me to purchase and begin the rebuild of a 1989 Land Rover Defender 110 - the sort of car I have wanted since I was a boy. Having completed my PhD I needed a new project, and learning the mechanical and electrical skills to keep an old, off-road and expedition vehicle going, was exactly what I needed. Being focussed on sustainability and environment, I will be converting 'Doris' to electric as soon as I raise the considerable funds needed to do so.

The work I have always loved the most is writing. My plan is therefore to use Doris as a base, whilst I explore the world, using each camp as a place to run, cycle and SUP from, and to work on my writing and other projects to generate revenue. There are certainly easier ways to survive, especially now winter is coming, but I need to feel that I own myself again, and to take back control of my health, fitness and future. I need to redevelop my running fitness for a new adventure in February. The world awaits...

Stay safe, and stay well.

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